Jeff and Willie Nelson
“Pride and Pedigree has been a wonderful space for our pup!  We started bringing our French Bulldog Willie to Kelli (the owner) when he was old enough to begin training & daycare.  One of the many wonderful things about Pride and Pedigree is that Kelli evaluates each and every dog before she allows admission to her program.  This made us feel secure in that our little guy would be safe as an impressionable puppy.  As he’s gotten older and gained his own quirks and personality, she’s been great at integrating him with other dogs based on personality and temperament, providing the most safe and wonderful experience.  He comes home happy & tired everyday.

As for training, Willie had a list of issues we just couldn’t break at home and anyone reading this who owns a Frenchie…you can completely understand.  Each day we’d hand him over to Pride and Pedigree, they had a plan of what they were going to work on with him, followed up by a video of his progress and how to keep it up at home.  Through his training course he has become a literal “good boy” and we truly owe that status to Kelli and her crew.  This amazing female-owned business is ran by individuals who love animals, advocate for them, and want to give you the best version of yours.  We are forever thankful and grateful for finding this place and having our expectations exceed farther than we could have imagined!”

Amanda, June Bug and Rosie
“Kelli/Pride and Pedigree is the only place I trust to care for my dogs.  Kelli treats the dogs as if they were her own and her facility feels like a second home for the dogs.  I know the dogs are getting the attention and socialization they need and in a safe environment.  Thank you!!”
Jaime and Porter
“Thank you Kelli and Pride And Pedigree!!  You are so much more than just another doggy daycare to me and Porter – you are an extension of our family and home.  Knowing that safety is always top of mind and that he gets ample activity and interactions every day he is there, keeps us coming back day after day after day.  You are stuck with us!!!!  We are excited to take advantage of your stellar training skills this year as we strive to be a better human and dog duo in 2021!!!!  Cheers to you and all you do!!!!  Thank you.”
Joyce and Ripken
“I trust Kelli and Joelle with my dog.  He’s excited to come to daycare where he can romp around with his pals.  He comes home happy (and tired!)

Kelli is knowledgeable when it comes to dog behavior and can answer my question why my dog is doing what he does
Both Ripken and I appreciate Pride and Pedigree!”

Anisa and Lola
“I have been taking my fur baby here since she was a few weeks old and I cannot even express how thankful am I for what Pride and Pedigree offers..  I trust Kelli implicitly.  And I go to her for advice, as well as lean on her for suggestions and recommendations…  Kelli and Joelle treat my pup as their own family member.  She’s incredibly loved by them and well taken care of….

If you’re looking for an excellent daycare, this IS the one you want…  I cannot thank them enough for all that they do.”

April and Linus
“Kelli has provided another ‘Home’ away from home in ‘Pride and Pedigree’!  Linus enjoys playing with his new Pride friends and has learned better behavior habits through Kelli!  April and I are so happy with Pride and Pedigree’s services and dedication to our four-legged child♥”
Leslie and Myrtle
“I have been sending my dog to Pride and Pedigree since she was 12 weeks old.  She has stayed with Kelli for daily daycare, boarding when I’ve gone on trips and we have also taken training classes with Kelli.  Pride and Pedigree always provides a fun, loving environment.  I know Myrtle is safe, well cared for and has great friends to play with while she is there.  I love that it’s a small homey place and not a large corporation.  The love for animals is genuine and it shines through to all who go there.”